Ortopedic Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Program Master’s Degree Program



To educate specialist physiotherapists at national and international level who will be able to follow scientific and technological developments in the field of orthopedic physiotherapy and rehabilitation and to use them for public health, who have gained advanced and deeper knowledge, skills and attitudes in orthopedic rehabilitation practices with a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach, continue life-long learning and integrate their knowledge with clinical and scientific studies and interpret the results, and to train national and international expert orthopedic physiotherapists who have evidence-based practice skills and can contribute to training programs on orthopedic physiotherapy and rehabilitation.


Orthopedic physiotherapy and rehabilitation master's program is a postgraduate program in which students deepen and develop their clinical and academic studies in orthopedic physiotherapy and rehabilitation at the level of expertise and where they can conduct advanced professional practice and research.


The students who complete this program are expected to be experts in providing evaluating with details all the individuals of all age groups including the elderly and children, who have congenital or acquired musculoskeletal problems, treating them using evidence-based methods, informing and guiding patients and their families, informing, education on protection and prevention of the public about musculoskeletal problems. Students should also have the ability to follow the current literature on orthopedic physiotherapy and rehabilitation and to conduct research in this field.

Orthopaedic Physiotherapy programme contains 120 ECTS with compulsory, elective courses and thesis study.