Students' Social Responsibility Project in Mardin Midyat
Our students have selected a sister school in Mardin Midyat and are conducting projects periodically to address the school's needs.
The 1st International Physiotherapy Student Congress is an event organized by our students in the 100th year of our Republic. Held on October 14-15, 2023, at the ATO Assembly Hall, the congress brought together national and international physiotherapy students, physiotherapists, professionals from related disciplines, and those interested in the field.
We organized our traditional welcome party for the new 1st-year students who joined our faculty. During the event, filled with entertaining games and music, the classes got to know each other better and also there were competitive moments through various contests.
On December 24, 2022, the second edition of FTR-X took place, following the inaugural event earlier. FTR-X is a platform where professors from various fields of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, along with students with diverse experiences, are invited as guests to share their insights and answer questions. The second edition occurred on April 28, 2023. The program, organized by our students, received significant attention.
Bake Sale - 2023
Bake Sales, organized by our students, hosted a warm and enjoyable atmosphere with the participation of campus students and our academic staff. The second Bake Sale took place on December 8, 2023. The proceeds from the sale were donated to cover the expenses of establishing a library in Samandağ, Hatay.
Women's Day - 2023
On March 8, 2023, our students made purple bracelets for women and women-identified individuals with the "We Have the Power" project for International Women's Day.
Administrative Staff

Perihan Iğdır (Faculty Secretary)
Yahya Doğan (Staff physician )
Neslihan Çiloğlu (Physiotherapist)
Ali Sami Savaş (Office worker)
Meltem Urul(Office worker)
Mustafa Albayrak (Office worker)
Ummuhan Eryiğit Yılmaz (Office worker)
Fatma Kandemir (Office worker)
Yaşar Enç - Danışma Memuru (Advisory officer)
Cengiz Coşkuner (Office worker)
Gülten Akgündüz(Office worker)
Erdoğan Bülbül (Technician)
Ahmet Pürgü (Technician)
Burcu Yendi(Technician)
Murat Kılıç (Technician)
Ayhan Kurtaran (Technician)
Pınar Kayık(Technician)
Hatice Seray Batmaz(Technician)
İshak Ramazan (Technician)
Kübra Baloğlu (Technician)
Huriye Ülger  (Office worker)
Özgür Can  (Office worker)
Deniz Aksu (Office worker)
Güldane Bayar (Worker)
Sultan Yurdakul (Worker)
Şevki Bayrak (Worker)
İbrahim Karakoç (Worker)
Murat Çaylan (Worker)
Şule Giren - (support person)