Neurology Physiotherapy Doctorate Program

Neurological rehabilitation courses started to be given since 1967 within the context of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Doctorate Programme at the Institute of Health Sciences. With developments and advancements, Neurology Physiotherapy Doctorate programme started to education and training as a new programs of Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at the Institute of Health Sciences in 2016. Physiotherapists who could implement and advance clinical and academical studies in areas special to neurology physiotherapy at the doctorate level were brought up in this programme. Graduates of neurology physiotherapy graduate with the title of "doctor of science". Graduates of the Neurology Physiotherapy doctorate programme have the necessary competence to inform and guide the society, contribute to the policies produced at the national and international level, transfer their academic and clinical knowledge and skills to national and international scientific environments, improve the functional level and improve the quality of life in the light of special evaluations for neurological rehabilitation.


Neurology Physiotherapy Doctorate Degree Programme Courses