Prosthetics, Orthotics And Biomechanics Programme (Doctorate Degree/Doctor of Fine Arts)

Doctorate programme in Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation within the context of the Institute of Health Sciences started in 1967-1968 academic year. In accordance to the development in the field of prosthetics and orthotics in the academic year 1996-1997 a masters and doctorate program in Prosthetics-Orthotics and Biomechanics was established and prosthetics and orthotics interventions, rehabilitation and special courses have been started to be given in the field of biomechanics under the Division Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. Graduates who have completed this program, can carry out an original research at the various specialized areas in Prosthetics -Orthotics and Biomechanics independently, can interpret and comment on scientific events with a broader and deeper perspective and can determine the necessary steps to achieve new methods and applications. They also can determine and perform proper prosthetics and orthotics approaches, make modifications, apply prosthetics and orthotic rehabilitation interventions and evaluate functional outcomes. They are expected to carry high-level skills acquired in training and research to their national and international clinical and academic works. Graduates of Prosthetics -Orthotics and Biomechanics program acquire a Doctor of Science Degree.