H.U. Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physiotherapy profession, after the diagnosis of a specialist physician, in various injury, illness and old age causing movement disorder, pain and functional impairments, using the specific physiotherapy assessment methods, and again winning the knowledge and skills to plan and apply the treatment approaches that have been developed by physiotherapists in the world, and is a profession has an important role in improving health and quality of life.

Education program of the school that prepared on the model of developed countries, with a contemporary understanding is one year preparation after four years. Students go up to the school by taking enough score from inter-university selection and placement exam. Education program comprises treatment program planning and application-oriented basic sciences, clinical sciences, professional courses, research methodology, seminars and clinical study.

Since its establishment, the structure of the school with sharing the products with the community has been changing and evolving quickly and efficiently. The department has taken place in the development dynamics and embraced the principles of the Hacettepe University which is modern, Kemalist, always and the better, forward way. A dynamic faculty of giving priority to the universal power of science and art reached the level of knowledge in developed countries. Click here to read more...

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